Saturday, 18 July 2009

Campaign Rules

The goal of the campaign for the Harmony Sector is:

  • To keep the book keeping to a minimum;
  • to have a definitive end in a reasonable space of time;
  • provide a framework to tie games into a narrative whole.

Victory Conditions
the first player to Reach a total of 8 victory points.

This campaign contains the following factions:
  • Hive Fleet Geiger
  • Space Wolves
  • Imperial Guard (PDF)
  • Eldar

All factions except Tyranids may form alliances. All alliance members gain the VP' s and Cp's for a game played where they had figures on the field.

Victory Points
Gain One victory point per game where the player was on the winning side.

Campaign Points
For each game played a player may accumulate CP's based on the result of the game. CP's can be redeemed for Veteran Skills or points bonuses in a single game.

  • Win = 2 CP's
  • Draw =1 CP's
  • Loss = 0 CP's

Redeeming Campaign Points
CP's can be used to buy a roll on the Veteran Skills table at the following rate:
  • 1CP = Preliminary Bombardment
  • 4CP = 1 Random Veteran Skill (Roll once on the veteran skills table E5:p263 and add it to the army list)
  • 6CP = 15 % points bonus for one game
Army lists
Games must be played with a valid army list and you must have it available for inspection by your opponent at time of play.

An army list may be changed at any time during the course of the campaign with no detrimental effects.

Using veteran skills
Veteran Skills are gained by a player for their faction by spending CP's. Roll once on the veteran skills table E5:p263 and add it to the army list.

The veteran skill can be applied to any legal unit in the army for a game.

The unit carrying the Veteran Skill must be declared to the opposition at the begining of the game or it cannot be used for that game.

If a unit carrying a veteran skill is completely destroyed (or the vehicle explodes) during a game then the Veteran Skill is permanently lost and is removed from the players faction.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Death of a Bio-ship

+++Once we had called out to our sisters daring each other to swim into the deep warp. Ever deeper we swam, laughing as we went, calling back to our sisters to follow+++



+++Oh! The great mother had called to us with warnings, but we had not listened, The Deep warp is a treacherous thing, filled with many dangers. One had seen us and risen from the deep. Its claws had gouged our flanks, its Fangs had bitten through our hide, its breath had warped our very Genes, We struggled, for many ages upwards, ever upwards towards the materium, wile the Dragon fought to take us down to feast+++


+++The Dragon let us go, laughing as we fought into the calm shallows of the Warp. Echos of the Dragons laughter still rang though the Warp even as it slipped back into the oily depths. Pain racked our frame, plasma leaked from the canyons carved through our flesh. Then we saw. We saw with a sorrow that rang through our soul. We we alone. The comforting siren song of the Great mother was gone. The Hive mind was gone. we were alone+++




+++Whispers in the Darkness, whispers in the Materium above. We see a world in the rippling sunlight above, A prey planet, we are tired, the Pain is too much, No longer can we roam the wilderness searching for the great mother. At prey planet we can rest. At a prey Planet we can Whelp. At a prey planet we can die+++

The hilside was silent and dark. A gentle zepher swept around the crest of the hill, playing with the tall grass and shrubs that grew there. A rodent sat on its haunches scanning the overcast sky for threats as it chewed on a nutritious root it had discovered there.
It started when the boom rolled over it. Above it the low hanging canopy of clouds were rent apart as a stupendous claw glowing red hot, emerged. It was quickly followed by the bulk of the Hive Ship. Fragments of flesh and chittin the size of mountains, trailing fire surrounded the dying hive ship in a halo of shooting stars.

The Rodent started for the protection of its burrow seeking shelter from the horror bearing down on it, but nothing could protect it from the impact as the hive ship ploughed into the earth destroying the hill; burrow; and rodent in the same firery instant.

Quiet slowly returned to the new valley where once there had been a Hillside a deep scar had been cut for miles in the black earth. At the head lay a monstrous heap of steaming blackened meat. Ropes of intestines large enough to channel rivers lay in coils arouns a split in its side. The dying corpse of the Hive ship shuddered and lay still for the last time. Down near the base of the great beast deep in a recess between cittn slabs that had once held vaccuum at bay, a sphincter relaxed and slid open. Liquid gushed from the opening in a torrent, carrying with it misshapen leathery sacks, quickly abaiting to a trickle. First one, then another, then more of these orifices fell slack and discharged their cargo of Tyrainits onto the soil of a new world. Soon the feeding would begin.