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Harmony Sector [Segmentum Pacificus].

Primary Governed System Data.

6 planets (I – VI), 24 moons & 3 space stations:

Harmony I: Death world (hyper arid), 3 moons.

Harmony II: Mine/production world, 2 moons, St Jaspers Dock space station.

Harmony III: terra-form M39, Agri world, 1 Moon, His Grace space station, governor’s seat.

Harmony IV: terra-form M38, Hive world, 4 Moon, Gateway to Glory space station.

Harmony V: terra-form M39, ocean world, no satellites.

Harmony VI: Gas giant, 14 moons.

Harmony III: Details.

Tithe Grade : AGRI Secondus (prime).

Size: equatorial distance 17,000 miles.

Gravity: 1.1002 G

Population: 2.4 billion (human)

Rotational Speed: 1,300 mph

Post Terra-Form composition: Nitrogen 55 %, Methane 20%, Oxygen 20%, Argon & Ozone 3%, and Carbon Dioxide 2% (other gases <>

Planetary Governor: His Excellency Lord Kegan Ist Tulmark.

Climate: Temperate to frigid at polar regions.



Four broad regions exist from the equator to the magnetic poles.

1. Temperate and savannah like region at the equator with most of the large animals (Grox and Mammoth) dwelling within strict borders. Imported for there hardiness and vast dung production.

2. Pastoral and fertile regions next with a vast agri operation in use. Dung and bio mass from region 1 being shipped in vast land transit systems to keep up with the growth cycles.

3. Steppes land and broken plains filled with the infer structure of the agri production. Space ports and labour hives abound. The produce is shuttled to the His Grace space station and the Mercantile Guild receives a convoy every 88 days (standard). Vast burners deal with the excess methane produces by the bios mass and the vast amount is piped to the hab areas for fuel.

4. Frigid Polar Regions mined for a rare mineral Priam VII (less production). Governors palace in this region and the complex is situated on it own island heated by geothermal currents (part of the Terra-Forming).

Water is mostly in the form of vast rivers and lakes with interconnection lochs and canals. This is to divert all the water to the middle two regions types and away from the outer less productive regions. No seas of similar bodies of water.

Phenomena of note:

None. High winds and solar flares are uncommon and the planet enjoys a disaster free existence.

Flora & Fauna:

Imported Grox and Mammoth herds roam the central region 1 and a bio web of lesser animals (mammals, insects and bacteria) was introduced to support the live stock. No natural predators where introduced and the population is maintained by bio engineered plagues and culling.

Plant life is designed to support livestock in the first instance. The region 2 plant life consists of vast (2.2 billion hectares) plantations of Red Corn, Maize and Durrin.


Foodstuffs. Grains and oils from the plant life and protean in the form of meat from the livestock. The tithe payments are met and the mercantile guild is employed by the imperium to deal with the transport of goods from the system.


Labour (from hive world Harmony IV) and textiles and manufactured goods.

Social Structure:

The governor’s family date back to the first terra-formers and the ruling class of the system is the spread among Harmony II, III, IV & V. The families that have claim to the governance of the system are constantly in (unofficial) internecine warfare and the use of assassins and small covert operations to remove or delete potential rivals is commonplace. Outright warfare is forbidden and as such the PDF is a depleted and slightly impotent force compared to the private armies of the ruling families. (Collectively called the Hierarchy).

The merchants and labour lords are next in the pecking order. Unable to rule by decree there’s individuals have a massive amount of power due to the Hierarchies dependence on them to deliver the tithes as requested. Conversely the labour lords and merchants are also pressured to

Perform or they will be replaced. This delicate balance is maintained by an almost unspoken agreement from all parties involved.

Ecclesiarch interests are represented in the form of a cathedral in the governor’s complex and the use of shrines and travelling preachers. The word of the Emperor is that of hard work and diligence and it ability to save the soul. The Grade Pontiff Magnus Ist Tulmark is the cousin of the current governor of Harmony III. As small sister of Battle reliquary exists in the frigid region 4 in the form of 45 sisters and these are guarding the shrine of the Divine Dream Made Flesh relics.

Labour forces are the lowest ranks being poorly paid and worked hard. The regime is for 10 days of work followed by 2 days of rest. The areas for rest are mercantile guild run brothels and ale houses and the little pay earned is soon repaid to the guild. The life expectancy of a labour worker is 12 years from deployment to recycling as plant fertilizer.

Military History:

The PDF is a small force and has never seen Xenos enemies. The wars fought tend to be small elite actions and the use of massed firepower has been relegated to the sidelines in favour of support units and rapid blitz style warfare.

PDF is based on the standard patterns laid down by the Cadian Standard and the army composition is standardised into regiments and companies. The most experienced warriors tend to be siphoned of into the private armies of the Hierarchy.

Inquisition representatives are sparse and of the three branches only the Ordo Heritcus has any real presence now. The other two branches have been eroded due to lack of use and the resources have been diverted to the Ordo Heritcus.

Warp Anomalies ‘Warp Eddy’:

The whole sector is held within a type of warp Anomalies that is not seen any where else in the surveyed Warp. Referred to as an Eddy it is effectively a bubble of current that effectively washes around the sector and system and unless a deliberate course is set to the sector the natural flow of the warp passes around the eddy without any notice to the astropathes. It has protected the sector from Xenos incursions for the 1,750 years of its existence in imperial rule. Passage into the eddy is violent and can cause loss of ships and as such the imperium has tasked the self funding mercantile guild with the task of collecting and delivering the tithe from the sector.

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