Sunday, 21 February 2010

Battle for Bow River Bastion

Bow river bastion
On the hill above the last crossing over bow river, troopers gripped
their las rifles and looked nervously to the tree line. There hadn't
been time to clear the woods all the way back. Two batalions had given
their all to slow the Tyranid vangard, it had only barely been enough.
Out beyond the defense line, junior lieutenant jones was inspecting
the conscripts in the forward observation bunker. He had arrived on
post this morning, stowed his kit and gone out on a tour of the line.
He was half way through his lecture on the perils of social diseases
when the first genestealer emerged from the forrest The conscripts to
their credit got one shot off before the genestealers were amongst
them. The slaughter was brief, leaving the observation trench coated
in gore.

The struggle in the trench gave jones command squad enough
time to arm themselves with their flamers and send jets of Promethium
into the slit trench. The stealers screamed and writhed in the trench,
a few scrambled out and dove at the command squad, chopping down jones
and his squad.
Behind them, the darkness under the canopy roiled and vomited tyranid
horrors. The battle for the hill had begun.

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