Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Invincible

Captain Jamesosn looked throug the Armourcrys into the empty gulf beyond
'This is the Invincible of patrol squadron Beta-3 approaching Reach eta 10mins'
'Reach Central this is the Invincible please respond'
Once again silence
'Sir, Vox is down'
'What?' replied Jameson
'Sir the entire coms unit is dead, I'm just getting static'
'Captain, Reach coming into view. . . now'
'Dear Emperor' whispered Jameson
'Where is it?' asked an ensign
'Son, we're looking at it'
The bridge fell silent as the dead world stared back at them
Suddenly all hell broke loose
'The Endeavour is reporting heavy damage!'
'Decks 15A through to 21G are open to the void!'
'I've got multiple life signatures approaching!'
'From where?' blustered Jameson
The officer manning the auspex stopped and stared in abject horror
'Endeavour is off our scopes, I am reading a massive radiation burst off the starboard bow'
Jameson snapped into action
'Get port and starboard batteries firing now, wake that damn psyker and get a distress signal to Central Command'
'Yes Sir!'
Jameson tapped the controls on his command chair and the shipboard intercom crackled into life.
'This is the Captain, the ship is under attack, I want everone to battle stations in less than 2 minutes, I repeat this is a Code Black, all crew to battle staions'
Cogs cranked and ancient machinery began to move as the labour crews heaved enormous weight into position. A deafening roar broke over the ship as the Invincible's main gun batteries launched a crippling salvo into the huge creature attempting to engulf it.
Jameson got his first sight of the creature; covered in a thick carapace it would have looked more at home in the depths of the oceans rather than the edge of space.
Suddenly smaller organisms disgorged from all over the creature tearing apart the Invincible's armour plating and opening the ship to the vacuum of space.
He sat reading the damage reports flooding in with a resigned look in his eyes
'All hands abandon ship'
Crew franticly ran from the bridge to the escape pods, stampeding over those who fell over in a desperate attempt to save their selves.
Jameson took his time, flicking control switches as warning klaxons sounded all over the bridge. He hummed the tune of 'In The Emperor alone' as he brought the reactors up to critical levels
Sitting back in his chair and staring into the widenign maw of the creature he set the ship on a collision course.
'Welcome to Harmony you Xenos barstards!'
The reactors exploded and for a few seconds the population of the Harmony Sector could glimpse a new star in the sky, unbeknown of their forthcoming doom.

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